The Symposium on
Surveillance Response System
Leading to Tropical Diseases Elimination


16 June



Opening Ceremony

Venue: Cheng Gu Hall

Welcome speech by Dr. Wang Yu, Director General, China CDC, PR China.

Opening Remarks by Dr. Michael OLeary, WHO China Representative.

Introduction speech by Prof. Marcel Tanner, Director, Swiss TPH, Switzerland.

Welcome remark by Dr. Wang Panshi, Deputy Director, the Bureau of Public Health of Shanghai Municipality.

Speech by Dr. Lorenzo Savioli, Director, Department of Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO.

Remark by Dr. Lei Zheng Long, Deputy Director General, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health, P.R. China.

Chaired by Dr. Zhou Xiaonong, Director, National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, China CDC


Coffee Break & Group Photo


Keynote speaker  – current elimination program (20min presentation plus 5 min discussion for each)

  • An intergrated Strategy to Control Schistosomiasis japonica in P. R. China, by Dr. Wang Longde, Chairman of Chinese Association of Preventive Medicine, P.R. China.
  • Sustaining the drive to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases, by Dr. Lorenzo Savioli, Director, Department of Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO.
  • China Malaria Elimination Action Plan (2010-2020), by Dr. Yang Wei-Zhong, Deputy Director General, China CDC.
  • Global malaria elimination and research needs, by Prof. Marcel Tanner, Director, Swiss TPH.

Chaired by Dr. Yang Weizhong and Dr. Michael OLeary




Parallel Session: Capacity of Chinese Institutions with emphasis on elimination of communicable diseases (10 min presentation followed by 5 min discussion)

G1- Malaria:

Venue: Zong Luo Hall

Dr. Zhou Shuisen: The strategy of malaria elimination surveillance in P.R. China.

Dr. Yang Yaming: Curbing border malaria prevention and control in Yunnan border areas.

Dr. Ernest Tambo: Comparison of health system in malaria elimination between China and Africa.

Dr. Hu Ximin: Elimination of falciparum malaria in Hainan province.

Dr. Xu Bianli: Response to Imported Malaria in Henan Province.

Dr. Shen Bo: New strategies for discovering and characterizing pyrethroid-resistance associated genes in mosquitoes.

Chaired by Prof. Gao Qi and Dr. Laurence Slutsker

Panelists: Prof. Marcel Tanner, Prof. Pan Wei-Qing, Dr. Gao Qi, Dr. Laurence Slutsker, Dr. Zhou Shuisen, Dr. Ernest Tambo (Identification of research priorities in surveillance and response systems leading to elimination of malaria )

G2- Schistosomiasis:

Venue: Ming Long Hall

Dr. Dirk Engels: Schistosomiasis Strategic Plan 2012–2020.

Dr. Zhu Rong: The assessment of risk transmission of schistosomiasis in endemic village, China.

Dr. Don McManus: Research Challenges and Needs for Control of Zoonotic Schistosomiasis.

Dr. Hu Wei: Development of omics-based new diagnostic tools for schistosomiasis.

Dr. Wang Tianping: Agriculture practice involved in elimination of schistosomiasis in Anhui province.

Dr. Yuan Liping: Surveillance on imported case of schistosomiasis from the Chinese migrant labourers in Africa.

Dr. Lu Shaohong: New surveillance-response tool: risk mapping of infected Oncomelania snails detected by Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) with pooling samples.

Chaired by Dr. Chia-Kwung Fan and Dr. Lester Chitsulo

Panelists: Dr. Chia-Kwung Fan, Dr. Lester Chitsulo, Dr. Xu Jing, Dr. Don McManus, Dr. Robert Bergquist, Dr. Wang Tian Ping, Dr. Hu Wei(Identification of research priorities in surveillance and response systems leading to elimination of tropical diseases )

G3- Other communicable diseases:

Venue: Chang Gong Hall

Prof. Sian Griffiths: Challenges in elimination of infectious diseases of poverty.

Dr. Pan Qichao: Elimination of parasitic diseases in Shanghai municipality.

Prof. Maria Dolores Bargues Castello: Molecular Tools For The Assessment Of Transmission And Epidemiology Patterns In Vector-Borne Parasitic Diseases.

Dr. Liu Qin: Vector survey on tick-born diseases in China.

Dr. Lv Shan: Invasive emerging disease: Responses to outbreaks of snail-borned diseases in China.

Dr. Somphou Sayasone: Challenges in schistosomiasis control in Laos: past and current situation.

Dr. Zhang Ting: Echinococcosis in Western China.

Chaired by Prof. Jyh-wei Shin and Prof. Sian Griffiths

Panelists: Prof. Jyh-wei Shin, Prof. Sian Griffiths, Dr. Cao Jian-Ping, Dr. Dirk Engels, Dr. Somphou Sayasone, Prof. Maria Castello, Prof. Mas-Comas, Dr. Lv Shan, Dr. Jun Nakagawa (Identification of research priorities in surveillance and response systems leading to elimination of NTDs )


Welcome Dinner

17 June



Plenary Session: New strategies and tools for elimination (20min presentation followed by 5 min discussion for each)

Venue: Cheng Gu Hall

  • Surveillance and response: The challenge for new tools and approaches - the case of malaria, by Dr. Laurence Slutsker MD, MPH, Associate Director for Science, Center for Global Health, USA.
  • Regional strategies and research framework on control and elimination of infectious diseases of poverty. By Dr. Jun Nakagawa, WHO-WPRO, Philippines
  • Lessons in the elimination of filariasis in China, by Dr. Wu Weiping, Chief of Department of Filariasis, Leishmaniasis and Echinococcosis, NIPD, China CDC.
  • Global Challenges And New Tools For The Control Of Human Fascioliasis by Prof. Mas-Comas, President, Europe Association of Parasitology, Spain.

Chaired by Prof. Pan Weiqing and Dr. Don McManus


Coffee break


Parallel Session: Overview of research priorities, 4-5 scientists each group focusing on innovative mechanism with emphasis on tool development targeting verification of elimination followed by discussion and recommendation (10 min presentation followed by 5 min discussion).

G4- Diagnostics role in certification of disease elimination

Venue: Ming Long Hall

Dr. Robert Bergquist: Needs in diagnostic development for the elimination stage of some tropical diseases.

Dr. Xu Jing: Tools to support policy decisions related to treatment strategies and surveillance of schistosomiasis japonica towards elimination.

Prof. Banchob Sripa: Diagnostics development in human liver flukes.

Prof. Pan Weiqing: Tools to detect residual cases of malaria and schistosomiasis in low endemicity areas.

Chaired by Prof. Hu Wei, and Prof. Mas-Coma

G5- Innovation Surveillance Tools and data management

Venue: Zong-Luo Hall

Dr. Charles Delacollette: innovation tools in monitoring drug resistance of falciparum malaria in GMR region.

Dr. Franziska Bieri: Video-Based health education prevents soil-transmitted helminth infections in Chinese schoolchildren.

Dr. Gao Qi: A novel method to visualize LAMP results via microcrystalline wax-dye capsule.

Dr. Chen Junhu: High throughput screening platform for discovery malaria molecular used to monitor the antibody variation in elimination stage.

Chaired by Prof. Su Chuan and Dr. Charles Delacollette

G6- Surveillance and Response System

Venue: Chang Gong Hall

Dr. Colin Butler: Disease Emergence and Global Change: Thinking Systemically in a Shrinking World.

Dr. Yang Guojing: A Google Earth-based surveillance system for schistosomiasis japonica implemented in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, China.

Dr. Edmund Seto: Application of GIS tools in surveillance system of schistosomiasis leading to elimination.

Prof. Ji-Ming Liu: Predicting the Prevalence and Diffusion Patterns of Tropical Diseases from Surveillance Data: Needs and Implications.

Chaired by Dr. Yang Guojing and Dr. Robert Bergquist




Roundtable Discussion on Elimination Strategy (10 min leading presentation followed by roundtable discussion)

Venue: Cheng Gu Hall

  • Discussion on prospective of China involvement on global efforts. Leading presentation: Needs in global elimination-Africa case study. By Dr. Moussa Sacko, Head of Laboratory of Parasitology, and Coordinator of NTDS Research Program, National Institute for Research in Public Health (INRSP), Mali.
  • Plan of action for Chinas possible involvement on any on-going elimination effort to the Region. Leading presentation: China’s experience with comprehensive schistosomiasis control strategies and their potential for other regions by Dr. Zhou Xiaonong, Director, NIPD, China CDC.
  • Funding Ways and Priorities of National International S&T Cooperation on Infectious Disease by Dr. Li Ruiguo, Executive Deputy Head, International Cooperation Division, National Center of Biotechnology Development (CNCBD), MOST

Chaired by Dr. Yu Senhai and Dr. Marcel Tanner


Coffee Break


Closing ceremony:

Venue: Cheng Gu Hall

Presentations by each chair of G1-6 (10 mins for each)

Summary report: By Dr. Zhou Xiaonong, and Marcel Tanner.

Closing remarks by:

Dr. Santiago Mas-Coma, EU Association of Parasitology.

Dr. Michael OLeary, WHO China Representative.

Dr. Marcel Tanner, Swiss TPH.

Dr. Yang Weizhong, China CDC.